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My New Weigh of Life


Together with Emma Arblaster of Zest4Life life coaching we have run a 12 week program promoting:

        •        A healthy attitude to food
        •        Weight management
        •        Energy and wellbeing

Combining nutritional education and life coaching techniques to bring balance to your life.


The first program was run in Crieff, starting in January 2013.


This is not just a weight loss program, we are looking to change the way you feel and think about food, and provide education about healthy eating and how nutrition can improve your health.


The program is run fortnightly over 12 weeks.


We are not currently running this course, but if you are interested please contact us for details.


Contact: Polly 07837 100642 or Emma 01764 687345 for further details www.mynewweighoflife.co.uk

or  click here to reserve your place.