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Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Most people think that nutrition is just about weight management, we are used to thinking that nutrition can be used to balance the weight of the work force. An overweight work force may have a higher risk of many of the major health risks we face today, including Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer. However, diet can be used to manage more than just weight, and may benefit a huge number of the work force, not just those who have weight issues, or specific health concerns.


Stress and tiredness are very common complaints which lead to many people taking time off sick, or under achieving in the work place. By balancing out the diet and learning some basic dietary rules it is easy to improve symptoms and increase productivity. By eating a healthy balanced diet you may also boost your immune system and reduce the number of days taken off sick, for common seasonal ailments such as colds and allergies.


In the work place, nutrition advice can be used to balance energy, improve focus and concentration and reduce the number of days being taken off sick.


As part of the Scottish NHS initiative, one of the aims of the Healthy Working Lives Award is to ‘promote the benefits of a balanced diet and facilitate/enable opportunities for employees to eat more healthily’.


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