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Polly Douglas


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Nutritional Therapy aims to provide you with the best possible intake of all the nutrients to allow you to be as healthy as possible in the run up to, and during pregnancy. When nutrients are deficient in the body for any reason, imbalances can occur which may manifest as poor egg or sperm quality, erratic periods and PMS.


I will devise a personal nutrition programme to address your nutritional needs. It will usually include recommendations for foods and drinks to take more or less of; ways to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, food supplements to support your dietary changes, and ways to change any negative eating habits and patterns.


Remember that it takes 2 to make a baby, good nutrition is important for both parents! Research shows that a diet rich in antioxidants can help improve sperm quality and certain amino acids are important building blocks for sperm too, so it is important that both of you get some advice on your diet. It makes it more fun if you make the changes together anyway.

Nutrition can also be helpful while going through the process of IVF.  Clients often tell me that they have lost control of the baby making process when things don't go to plan.  By taking the focus away from getting pregnant and supporting the body to be healthy and nourished, it may help with the stressful process of IVF and improve your chances of a successful outcome.  


Polly Douglas PhD MBANT CNHC

Nutritional Therapist

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